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Mission Statement...
Grace 2 Go seeks to come alongside churches throughout Connecticut assisting them in their ability to provide spiritual formation for children with special needs and their families. 

To share the Gospel and learn about Jesus in a way that is understandable to the children's unique learning levels. 
♥ To maintain an ecumenical program that welcomes participants from all Christian traditions.
To offer a fully accepting environment where behaviors
are not judged but nurtured in God's love.
♥ To nurture the individuals with special needs as well as their caregivers.
♥ To share in our Faith as participants and contributors in the Body of Christ.
To provide an opportunity for children and young adults with special needs to learn about God's love.
♥  To offer support, love and hope to families on their spiritual journey.
♥  To Worship God in a faith community.
♥  To share this ministry with multiple families in many regions of Connecticut.
♥  To encourage parishioners to love and support individuals of all abilities.