Informative Parental Articles 

Welcome to the Parent's Page

Please take the time to complete this form and share it with us. Our goal is to serve your family to the best of our ability. All information remains confidential within the scope of our team, used only to enhance your experience with us. This knowledge greatly increases our awareness of what is helpful or most especially not helpful for your child. 

From the very beginning of G2GO's vision, we have been praying that God would be at the center of this ministry’s creation. While being totally dependent on God to bring this team and ministry together, His love and grace has been busily making it all happen.

   We truly believe that prayer for God’s guidance and support throughout the formation of Grace 2 Go… has brought this team into existence as well as your visiting this website. Those in support of G2GO… and its team members will be keeping you and your family in prayer as you anticipate and or participate in our faith community.   

   We so look forward to the Holy Spirit’s presence amongst us as our relationship grows and together in biblical learning and experiencing Christ more fully in our lives through worship, we can look forward to peace and love becoming more active in all our hearts. 

The Grace 2 Go... Team and Supporters